“We Design… You Do-It-Yourself” Room Package

Whether you have just purchased a home or are redecorating an existing one, making decorating decisions can be time consuming and costly if you make an error. We can help take the guesswork out of the process with our affordable “We Design….You Do-It-Yourself” Room Package

Benefits of the “We Design….You Do-It-Yourself” Room Package:

  • Affordable customised interior design package for one room in your house that delivers the designer look without the high cost.
  • You still receive the guidance of an interior designer.
  • You follow and complete the plan on your own timetable and budget.
  • Save money by painting and purchasing yourself but still receive expert advice on the colour scheme and furniture style, fabric, placement, etc.
  •  Avoid costly design mistakes such as purchasing furniture that doesn’t fit or items that don’t work together.
  • Save time and money by taking the guesswork out of making choices.
  • Have your personal style incorporated into the design concept.
  • If you wish to purchase through us, designer discounts are available on some items.
  • Can be for any room in the house including kitchens and bathrooms.

What the “We Design….You Do-It-Yourself” Room Package typically includes:

  • A personalized project binder that helps you retain all the room details in one location.
  • Emailed design questionnaire to help us determine the needs, wants, budget and personal style for you and your family.
  • A one hour in-house consultation which includes measurement and photography of your room, as well as measurement and photography of your “keep” items.  We also further expand on your priorities and your family’s use of the room.
  • Schematic floor plan and furniture layout, drawn to scale and showing the best placement for your current furniture as well as suggested future purchases.
  • Concept board that puts together the overall colour scheme along with pictures of materials, furniture, lighting, window treatments, art and accessories recommended for your room.
  • Paint samples with the specific colour name/code. Where available, samples of fabric, tile, carpet and other materials.
  • Visual design suggestions drawn right on selected pictures we have taken at your home.
  • Shopping list of all items suggested including current pricing and website links where available.
  • Resource list of local organizations and/or methods to donate/sell/recycle items you no longer want or use.
  • A follow up email consultation to clarify any unclear issues.

Investment Cost of your “We Design….You Do-It-Yourself” Design Package:

A well designed room is one of the most rewarding gifts that you can give yourself. You deserve to enjoy the comfort and joy of a room tailored to you and your family. Our affordable prices are based on the size of your room in square footage –

  • Under 100 square feet – $375
  • 100 to 400 square feet – $625
  • Over 400 square feet – $750